Stakeholder’s Council / PIAC Committee

Stake Holder Council (SHC) Responsibilities

The Stakeholder’s Council is charged with helping FBHP in its strategic planning and annual service planning to assure the most responsive Medicaid behavioral health service system for the five counties that comprises the Metro West Area. The Stakeholders’ Council is also an independent center of accountability and a communications link to the larger community.

This Stakeholders’ Council holds 25% of the votes on the FBHP Board of Directors. It has the principal role of helping FBHP to better understand how, through the operation of the Medicaid program, it can support the missions of these other stakeholder organizations so that each can best serve its Members and communities.

Program Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) Responsibilities

The PIAC is a subcommittee of the SHC. The principle responsibilities of the PIAC are to (1) review a range of performance indicators assessing access, service delivery, satisfaction, and efficiency; (2) assist in interpreting the indicators; and (3) make recommendations to staff on follow-up actions required to improve FBHP performance.

Meetings are held quarterly at the FBHP office in Westminster, a location that is centrally located within the service area. Telephone conferencing is available in the meeting room to accommodate individuals who are unable to attend in person.

Program Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) Meeting Minutes: