Foothills Behavioral Health Partners (FBHP) delegates Provider Network/Relations to Beacon Health Options, including credentialing, provider contracting and training, and ensuring an adequate Provider Network to meet FBHP Member needs. The information accessed through links on this page is designed to help providers become familiar with various aspects of the Beacon Health Options Provider Network as well as your obligations as a provider.

The Colorado Beacon Health Options Provider Handbook provides a quick reference guide about policies and procedures specifically related to the Colorado BHO Programs. This manual is referenced in your provider contract with Beacon Health Options and you are responsible for knowing this information as a Beacon Health Options provider for FBHP. In addition new forms and instructions that are part of the Provider Handbook are linked below:

Beacon Health Options also provides, as a National Managed Behavioral Health company, the  National standard provider manual by Beacon Health Options

Along with the Provider Handbook, as a Beacon Health Options provider, you have available a secure, HIPAA-compliant website, Beacon Health Options  ProviderConnect®, that enables participating Beacon Health Options network providers to conduct online claims and authorization transactions accurately and efficiently, while also providing them the opportunity to spend more time with who matters most – their clients.

For assistance in claim submission go to Guide to Using Direct Claim Submission.

For assistance in using ProviderConnect® please contact Provider Relations at or call 1-800-804-5040.

Other Beacon Health Options resources:

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